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IBM Bluemix Platform

I was a team lead for bluemix creating this platform from the ground up. Growing a team of 6 designers to over 20 in a matter of 6 months. Our primary task was the desktop experience, but I worked with a designer to concept a mobile version as well.


Visual design for the logitech harmony 1000. I handled the UI design as well as all of the custom iconography.


The products shown range from: Room UI Systems, Collaboration Applications, Mobile/iPad concepts, Desktop Apps, & Custom Hardware UI's

Dell Mobile

I was brought on to the new mobile team to help design the new Dell Stage initiative that would have parity not only between the handsets but also the desktop experience.

IBM Designer Directory Concept

This was a test to see how I would handle a brief and arrive at a solution. The idea was as the studio got bigger, how do people that may not work day to day together know each other. I drew from a traditional high school yearbook concept.


A twitter app